Back With An Ex?

Ever gotten back with an ex after a big fight? How long were you broken up for and what's your story?


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  • I think it depends on the type of fighting...

    What it is about.

    What your relationship is like generally.

    I was in a relationship, all we did was fight. We would fight say it was over, and sometimes days, weeks or months would pass but we seemed to get back together. It was literally horrible. It lasted 6 years... When I finally left for good & bought a house, he said to me "I didn't think you would really leave." That's how used to the fighting he got. It became normal.

    Then again after that I found a man whom I adore we were together for 5 years. In January we(I) got in fight (over everything and nothing). This was unusual for us. I mean he never raised his voice to me, but after my past relationship, I was always ready for someone to yell at me...So I got defensive quick...It wasn't needed here.

    I was upset and he didn't understand...I told him "I can't do this anymore, I'm done." He came immediately over to my house (a 20 minute drive) and said he wasn't ready for this relationship to end. But I was so upset I told him to get out I am not doing this.

    When he walked out the door I immediately knew I made a mistake. But, I didn't call him and he didn't call me (he already tried). I went to his house a week later as soon as he opened the door...I told him "I'm sorry, I'm an a**" , he gave me a Hug and I said I was going home. He asked me to come to talk, I was ready to cry, alright...I did Cry.

    We were back together after that, but only temporarily...And I didn't see it coming. Six months later he came home from a motorcycle trip and I called him and he told me, "It was not working out." I went to see him the next day, told him I loved him, and always. The next day he emailed me and asked me not to respond, but told me he needed space to figure out his life and IF he came back to me it would be forever...

    I had a couple of weak moment and emailed him once, and called him at work...But it has now been 4 1/2 month, I have not seen to heard from him.

    I miss him immensely. I want to go to him everyday. But he asked for space...So I don't.

    I am so broken over this, I do not know what to do. I can't move on, as much as I try...

    I truly believe that when I kicked him out of my house in January, I hurt him. And the week that I didn't call or talk to him broke his heart. I think I did this to myself. I have nobody to blame but myself.

    I just want it back. And I don't know what to do...

    • If after 4.5 months you are still very much in love you should tell him. He did ask you not to respond to that particular email, but it has been 4.5 months now and that is space and time enough for anyone. He may just not know where to start. So, I recommend putting it all out there and telling him how you feel WITHOUT making it sound sad or drawing on pity. Sound confident and sure, tell him you expect nothing, and that you want to begin again as friends. If he still doesn't respond, let him go.

    • I wish I could beleive that....And no he did not just mean that e-mail...he meant do not reply at all.

      Beleive me in the 2 times I contacted him I told him my feelings how much I cared, and after the email I sent the only response I got was, "I"M SORRY. IT"S OVER!"

      When I called him, He just told me he was, "flattered that I though so much of him, but he just doesn't love me anymore."

      He just behaved like a totally different person than I know... It frightens me.

    • I am very sorry. =/ It appears that he has moved on. You should try to get passed the hurt as well because even if you do have a chance with him again one day, it won't be if you still are hurt. Anything is possible and maybe when you've healed the best approach is to try to be friends first and slowly regain his affection. It may take some time if you really want it, but you have to move on first. Time will heal you. Good luck.

  • Yes, and we were broken up for a week.

    The fight was huge and involved screaming and a slap. It was not normal fighting for us.


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