Boyfriend says he's not in love anymore so we break up, but he texted me today?

We broke up a little over a week ago because he said we grew apart but he still loves me. We work at the same place and today was his last day so everyone signed a card, including me. He texted me saying "thank you for signing my card. I appreciate it." why would he text me when he wants me to move on? I also think he's just really stressed and has a lot going on so he needs time. He graduates from college next month and is doing school, working, and an internship right now. He all of the sudden says he might not ever get married or have kids because he is going into law enforcement and its hard for them to have a family, but he used to want that so i'm just so confused. He's acting so weird and I can't help but think that he just needs time and we can get back together. What do you think? We were together 3 and a half years and we only broke up because things changed recently.


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  • guess he wants 2 get back 2 u then i assume


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