He really hurt me and I can't let it go - How do I move on?

We only dated for about 2 months but we saw each other several times a week and texted pretty much all day everyday. Pretty early on I made it clear that I wasn't looking for a casual hookup type thing and that I wanted to date with the possibility of it going somewhere. He kept telling me that was exactly what he wanted and that he thought I was really special and he really liked me. We waited a few dates before we had sex. After we did, everything changed. We still saw each other the same amount and texted the same amount but suddenly everything became about sex and he just wanted dates where we stayed in - which mostly only involved sex. He also started calling me a slut all the time and constantly checking up to see whether I was sleeping with other guys. He also started messing me around and cancelling plans last minute because of friends etc. I let it go on because I wanted to believe he was the same guy that I had really liked when we first met. Eventually he told me he just wanted to be fuck buddies because his previously relationship has scarred him too much and that he was sorry for leading me on. I lost it at that and said some pretty nasty things as I was very hurt.

I just can't get over him though. I really liked him and he really hurt me. I really believed that he wanted more than just sex. I really believed him when he said he wanted a relationship and I thought things would be different than with my ex. I don't know what I can do to get over him? It's been a month since I've seen him but I can't let it go.


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  • You aren't the only one to find yourself in this position. You definitely won't be the last.

    The guy may have been lying or he may have been telling the truth (regarding his wants out of a relationship) at the time. It doesn't matter though.

    All that matter is how you feel. This guy doesn't want the same things you do so pursuing a relationship isn't going to help. These things just take time, but you'll get there.


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  • Wow he's a jerk. I feel sorry that you are feeling this way. I couldn't get over this one guy some time ago, we were never in a relationship but we were friends and we flirted and I saw him a lot. Then he stopped contacting me and I never see him anymore. It hurt and it took me a while to get over him too. There is still a part of me that has a tiny crush on him. Anyway, I think the best things you can do are listening to break up songs and stuff that helped me a lot haha. Maybe write your feelings down in a 'letter' to him but don't send it just throw it away. Cry if you want to. What works most in the end, is to crush on someone new. It doesn't have to be serious but it is fun to have a crush and think about them a lot and just to look at them cuz they're so damn fine lol. Just hang out with your friends, focuss on your hobbies and things that matter in your life. And most important of all, realise that you don't need him to make you happy. He is a douche and you're lucky to be rid of him. Good luck! :) xoxo


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  • You dated for two months, and you've been broken up for one. You figure this is about the point in the relationship when you started to suspect something was off. He wasn't making you happy anymore. Remember plans he cancelled last minute, and get yourself up and out somewhere.
    While you've got some time to yourself, why don't you commit to learning something new?


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