Will my boyfriend come back or am I holding my breath?

So my boyfriend of five months broke up with me recently. He is in the middle of receiving a job promotion and is currently training for it now. So on our way home he told me that everything is so overwhelming in his life right now and he would have to put our relationship on hold and he said that it would not be fair to me despite the fact that I said I will be there for him. He said its not fair for me and asked for an extended break. But he also mentioned breaking up. I asked him what he wanted to do and he never gave me a real answer. So when we arrived at my house I told him that I would always love him and will be there if he needed me. He started crying... hard. he continued to tell me that I mean the world to him and that he will always love me. So is there any chance that he might come back or am i just holding my breath?


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  • There alway a chance but don't sit there and wait. You have to make him know that you aren't gonna just wait there for him to be "ready" again. Make yourself a trophy and something he can't let go.


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  • I'm kind of in a similar situation and I am trying to wait. If you love him and really see it working out, give him time. It would hurt to miss out on getting that happiness back because you gave up. Trust me.

    • How do you deal with it?

    • I'm just focusing on me right now. That's the only thing you can do.

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  • He seems genuine, because he cried. And I know how you feel, haven't we all been there with exes. In fact I am going through a similair thing now.

    Try to 'move onI would suggest not holding your breath, you will both always love each other a bit. at least that is what I believe most exes do. Perhaps you will see each other in the future.

    I feel your sadness :(

    Please anser my breakup question too.

  • You can only hold your breath so long babes and eventually you turn blue. You have to decide if you're going to wait and see if he comes back or whether you are going to cut your losses and move on. It has to be your decision not me telling you what you should or should not do...

  • guess he was honest if he started cryin...


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  • There's a chance but I wouldn't hold my breath. They always say that and then turn around and marry someone else.


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