Should I ask her to be my girlfriend or not?

so their is this girl who told me that she liked me and that she would like if we could take it to the next level, I kinda like her to but not as much, she makes me laugh and she is fun to be with but some of my friends don't really like her, and I just don't think I'm ready for another relationship, my last one end badly, and my ex goes to the same school as us, so it would be awkward, should I ask her to be my girlfriend or not


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  • i totally agree with the previous answer. your friends should not decide for you. they probably haven't given her the chance and barely know her so they have just judged her. if she makes you happy to be around she can't be such a bad person. again, just wait and see if something grows and take your time. you don't have to ask her to be your girlfriend just because she's mentioned she would like to be more. if she likes you enough, she won't make you feel pressured into having a relationship. Just let her know where you stand with her. Be honest with her and do what you feel is right and what makes you happy.

  • Well firstly why would it matter if your friends didn't like her? ok well maybe to some extent that would cause "drama" but that shudnt be 1 of your main reasons. Go with your gut? do you think this thing can go somwhere? if so, you don't necessarily have to go to the "gf" stage straight away. Just get to know her, see where that takes u. Just make sure you let her know, that your not quite ready for a relationship... yet


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