Risk it or Move on?

I really like this guy but I don't treat him like I do, I actually treat him like I don't like him at all. It's strange. I do it because I have this feeling that he doesn't return the feelings, so I'm trying to convince myself I don't like him.

I'm at a good point right now. I've been keeping myself VERY busy so that I don't do/say anything stupid. I can keep this up and just wait until winter break (I'm in university -so is he) where he's leaving the country. Then I can have til Jan to get over him.


I could put myself out there and just tell him. Get a concrete answer once and for all.

Either way I have winter break as a safety net. What would you do? Not what would you want the person you like to do, but what would you honestly do yourself?

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  • you'll never know if you don't try.. yeah it will hurt a lot more at first to be shut down but getting over him if he really wants to be with you would just be silly. and feelings can return later but knowing that he doesn't want to be with you is easier to get over it.

  • I'm in a similar situation. Trying to no like someone is so hard, I'm willing to say impossible. It's a matter of the heart and sometimes you just can't control it. It sucks because you don't think he likes you but you like him a lot right? I'm in the same situation but with my best friend so I wish I could say something to him and risk it, but I just don't have the courage since were such good friends. I say go for it!


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