Doesn't make sense?

Why would my ex girlfriend block me on Twitter and delete me as a friend on snapchat but keep me as friends on Instagram and Facebook? I feel that better advice would comed From woman in this situation cause it doesn't make sense


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  • Sounds like she is through. Move on

    • If she's through why not cut all contact why allow me to see her Instagram and Facebook

    • if someone blocked me out - I would call and ask them why

    • I would call too but also have not talked to her for about three weeks now

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  • who the hell really knows but her?

    • It just doesn't make sense you know? like she's with another dude already and I've already known that and I've already stopped trying to get back with her... I just don't know why she keeps doing these little spiteful things

    • maybe she still wants to keep an eye on you

    • That's fucked up

  • probably bc on facebook and instagram it could be less personal then twitter and snapchat.

    • On the Facebook page she is the only friend I have.. she made me create this Facebook page because her boyfriend blocked my real one, and I mean she's already got a picture of her and the guy on Instagram so I don't know why block me on Twitter?

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