He didn't come and he didn't text?

I broke up with my boyfriend. We spoke and agreed he come yesterday so we could return each other's things. He text yesterday and said he wouldn't make it. He said the next day. I said it was fine, but now the day is over and he didn't even bother to say he wouldn't be coming.

I find it so so rude! I know he doesn't wanna break up (he's already called me once saying he wanted to hear my voice...) so I feel like he's stalling or something? Why didn't he just show up? He said he didn't wanna drag this out.


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  • ... He's Dragging this out...
    It doesn't have to be etched here, dear, that his "Meant wells" are Not spelling "Wishing you well," because he doesn't wanna... Break up.
    It's not that he is being 'So rude,' he is postponing the inevitable and it's written on the walls and all, that he is Not ready nor Raring to... Let go just yet of You nor each other's things.
    Give him time with this. As much as you don't want this to have to 'Drag this out,' the more you harp, the less he will... Start.
    In a few weeks, if nothing has been exchanged, take a little trip to his house and then... Arrange.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with the man.;)) xx

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  • Why do you have to ask us? You are an adult and it is silly that you can't speak your mind to someone you broke up with. Be blunt and tell him to come get his shit

    • Because it's an advice site? People come here to get second opinions. If it's too much of bother for you then why even come on the site.

    • I just gave you excellent advice.

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  • Well, he is trying to make a scene! Is the stuff that you left at his is that important? If it's not... Don't even bother meeting this person ever. What he is doing is plain out rude and annoying. If you want to return his stuff to him, then make someone do that for you or frickin' hire someone to do it! SOOO RUDE! I'm sorry, he did this to you.. i can understand how you must have felt!

    • We both have things from each other's apartment. He told me not to come over (as he has housemates, I have my own apartment)

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    • It's the plan...

  • Just go over to his house and leave his stuff. He probably is stalling but that is beyond immature.

  • Be assertive and GO get your shit don't wait to meet up if he's not gonna meet up somewhere.

  • if he still likes you he might be dragging it out, or I could frankly be he just couldn't make it. if you want closure and he is cooperating I would just being his stuff to his house or something like that.


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