Second Marriages, What's Different?

For those divorced and remarried, what's different about your second marriage? What did you do differently in the second marriage (selection of partner, quality of relationship, treating the other with respect, being a doormat no more? What's different this time around? Any lessons? Good or bad?
  • Second marriages are always better than the first
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  • There is such a broad and distinct difference between the quality of my first and second marriages that it is difficult to accept they were initiated by the same man.

    My first wife:
    - cheated on me multiple times with different men
    - abandoned me with our 3 year old son
    - turned herself out as a prostitute
    - suggested we get back together with "all thing forgiven", provided that I agree to an open marriage so she could have all the cock she liked.

    I divorced her and obtained custody of my son. In the summer of 2004, after my divorce became final, I purchased a 1 year membership with eHarmony. com In the following January, I met the woman who would one day become my second wife. The eHarmony process begins with a thorough personality and value inventory. This inventory combined with your profile is used to select compatible matches for you.

    My second wife is a much better fit for me than my first wife could have ever been.

    With my second wife we have:
    - shared goals
    - personal chemistry
    - sexual compatibility
    - common views on everthing from religion to politics to homelife and raising children

    In short, I have everything that was missing from my first marriage when it failed.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Better selection/shopping/match with more experience & maturity... in both parties.
    First had a secret 2nd life always = sneak, liar but "not to me" was OK, then that changed

  • That's a great question, I don't have an answer but I want to know the answers. I'm dating someone who was divorced at 30 after being married for less then a year


What Guys Said 3

  • The guy has less money since the divorce of his first marriage? :P

    Really I dunno never been married : )

  • there is no yes or no answer... it's whatever you and your spouse choose to make it.

  • I'm a one-time type of guy.

    • so I take it you are still in your first marriage? how long have been married?

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