Should I unblock my ex from social media?

My ex-girlfriend and I are trying to work things out. We are on a slow path to try and make things work again. We still love each other and have admitted it, but don't want to put a label on our relationship and just want to see where things go. I blocked her two months ago when she dumped me because I was trying to move on and didn't want to see what she was up to. She is now messaging me asking if I will unblock her now. Should I?


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  • If you truly care about each other and are trying to make things better, then any blocking is counter to that goal. But I am wondering... If you are trying to work things out and still love each other, I can see some reasons for breaking up, but not "dumping". Why did that happen? Other than that I think blocking is not good and you should unblock everything and be totally open with each other.

    • ya i guess, she dumped me because she wanted to have fun with other people, and now she is so sorry for breaking up with me. I just know she has a lot of pictures from an event she went to which was supposed to be going to and she took another guy... ask a friend

    • It is done. forget it and decide an whether you can move forward.

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  • I don't think so. You guys both broke up for a reason and nothing ever changes.


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