Why is she liking my profile picture after she broke up with me?

This girl I've been dating for the last few months said she wanted to take a break. Basically she said the last realtionship
she was in was abusive and since then she has no sexual desire even though she really likes me and finds me very attractive. She said she feels guilty she can't give me what I want at them moment and said she doesn't mind if I see other girls, even though I want her. She said she need time to think about everything. Anyway we haven't talked for a week but I changed my display picture yesterday on facebook of just me and she liked it, I know it's only I a like but I'm confused why has she done this? Is it just a reminder to me incase she changes her mind? Maybe she's trying to make someone else jealous? I just don't inderstand why you would like someone's pic after you broke up with them and told them to see other people?


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  • Because she just thinks you're attractive. I mean it shouldn't be weird to like a picture.


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  • She's making sure she somehow stays in your mind. @Girl tricks


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