Ladies need your advice! Am I doing the right thing?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 years. The relationship has been good, she's nice to family. She treats me like gold. Everything is perfecr except one thing... She has a past of sleeping around. Its bad to a point where everybody in my town knows her as the "city ho". She admitted to me that she even has a past of cheating.

She admitted to me that she has talked to a few exes and guys from her past since we were dating. I told her if we're gonna be serious she's gonna need to cut all her guy friends. Given she has that past and reputation but. last year I found out she was still talking to a few of them on facebook. I found this out because she gave me the pass word to her phone and all her social media.

I got angry was about to dump her, but. I thouht maybe I should think about it first. Besides that issue she's perfect in every way. Never gives me attitude, never has mood swings... even on her period!!! Ever since she finished school and works in Oil and Gas. She been buying me everything she knew I wanted. I've never asked, she just does it cuz she wants to. A new Xbox, Car, Gold Chain etc.

Am I doing the right thing trying to make things work? Or should I get rid of her?
Ladies need your advice! Am I doing the right thing?
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