Ladies need your advice! Am I doing the right thing?

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 years. The relationship has been good, she's nice to family. She treats me like gold. Everything is perfecr except one thing... She has a past of sleeping around. Its bad to a point where everybody in my town knows her as the "city ho". She admitted to me that she even has a past of cheating.

She admitted to me that she has talked to a few exes and guys from her past since we were dating. I told her if we're gonna be serious she's gonna need to cut all her guy friends. Given she has that past and reputation but. last year I found out she was still talking to a few of them on facebook. I found this out because she gave me the pass word to her phone and all her social media.

I got angry was about to dump her, but. I thouht maybe I should think about it first. Besides that issue she's perfect in every way. Never gives me attitude, never has mood swings... even on her period!!! Ever since she finished school and works in Oil and Gas. She been buying me everything she knew I wanted. I've never asked, she just does it cuz she wants to. A new Xbox, Car, Gold Chain etc.

Am I doing the right thing trying to make things work? Or should I get rid of her?


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  • I understand how you would want her to cut off all guy friends because of her past in cheating and sleeping around, but I don't think you have the right to demand that. That sounds like insecurity/trust issues.

    I wouldn't mind if my dude had gal friends and he met up with some of them, because I would trust him to do right. And if he didn't, then he's gone (and if I found out he was a cheater, he'd be gone as well. I'm not going to be doing what you seem to be doing which is making him get rid of his friends and only talk to one gender).

    But you sound like you're happy (and she sounds like she's compensating for her past by buying you things). If you want to work it out, do it. But I wouldn't put any ultimatums or restrictions on her that YOU aren't putting on yourself.


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  • Have you ever asked yourself if you're also gold for her, or perfect in most senses for her too? In other words, does she consider you really importante to her? If she does, she will probably not risk what you have for a fling. Probably.

    People at times do stupid things when younger. The simple fact she has given you all her passwords for you shows that she is trying to bury the checkered past.

    Talk openly about how you feel but always respecting her as a woman. Make it gently, but make her know she will lose you for good if screw it.

    Id also suggest you thinking about living in another town later. This may help you both to live more peacefully.


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  • At least try to make this relationship go somewhere because you never know she could've of changed. But as soon as she does go back to her old ways tell her how it really is, the fact she gave you her password means that she wants to prove to you that's she's not doing anything wrong. I think you should take the chance and read her messages just to give you a peace of mind, talk to her about it also because you don't want to build a relationship on a foundation of doubts.


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  • Do yourself a favor save yourself and protect your heart. If she's still talking to the guys she's slept with before, chances are high that she will sleep with them again. Regardless of whether she's with you or not. If I was you I'd leave her. Good men deserve to have good women. She's probably good in bed which is why you are even contemplating staying with her or moving on. But eventually she will cheat. So I highly recommend that you leave her. Don't be blinded by the p****.

  • Of course you are.


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