Cutting all contact with an Ex... again.. is this time the final time? if so how do I put it behind me? how to find true space?

My ex and i dated for just under a year, before he met someone else about a year ago. When he initially met her, we had space about 1 month, but afterwards, he then he made a HUGE effort to try and be friends calling me every day to try and resolve any issues making a big effort to make sure i was still a regular part of his life. We continued to meet up on at least a weekly basis.. these meet ups, however, after a cpl of months, i clearly still had feelings for him and these meet ups were becoming more and more flirty. So i told him, i still had feelings for him, he got angry and we had a cpl more months of space... Then the same thing happened again.. we would meet up, he would still want to be my 'friend' and we would flirt and sometimes meet up a few times in one week just about preserving the boundaries of friendship. However, when he mentioned he was moving to be closer to his girlfriend, i got angry again and we had a big fight. At this point he almost walked away, but then turned and said he was ' desperate to make it work. I on the other hand responded that i needed 6 months/ a year of space to get over him. He said okay 6 months. However, 3 months later, a grandparent died and he got in touch... after only a few weeks though we were arguing and so we agreed to stick to the 6 month point. At the 6 month point... we met up a cpl of times but it felt like we had lost the closeness we had before. Now we have finally been honest with each other and said we have never been friends, he has told me he wants no contact, not for how long though, indefinitely? and that he has to move on? but if he has had a girlfriend for the last year.. hasn't he already moved on? im finding this sudden change hard to get my head around and to know it is for good this time... :? any advice would be welcome.
didn't mean to down vote you there. He said he told his girlfriend we dated and she was cool with it, always said she was much more 'chilled' than me. Yes its just how to , thats the q...


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  • I don't know why he would try so hard to keep you around when he has a great. I wonder if his girlfriend new any of this. It's clear you two are a mismatch so move on


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  • Block him from social media and from your life. Do not look back. Meet other people and move on with your life.


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