Am I now the rebound?

I was with my boyfriend for a year and a half. we loved each other very much. we spoke marriage and having a baby. we have had a lot of stress none of it was either of our fault.3 months ago we had a row and he left. i know he was very hurt and he went off the rails partying, drinking etc.. he never liked doing both.. after about a month he met a girl and moved in with her... they had a row and he came bsck to me. everything was fine and we made plans for the future..10 days later much to my shock he pack up his stuff and went back to her... am i now the rebound girl? Will they last? Will he come back to me?
So a girl of a month who he managed to live with for a week... against me a year and a half... he has choosen her he won't even speak to me because she won't let him.. I'm not okay with it really I'm very hurt. I did everything for him
i see him today he just acted like he didn't know me... i hope his relationship fails because he won't be knocking on my door.


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  • You should never accept being second, the minute he comes knocking at your door just IGNORE him. You can do so much better than being a rebound.


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  • you are , if you are ok with that then that's ok , but if you want commitment then tell him to choose or just simply say never comeback to me


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