Is it too late to clear the air?

I was just on the phone with a great guy that I've been talking to for a few days now. Thing is we finally starting talking a bit more seriously and I'm holding back a bit but I really do like this guy and I want him to know that I'm not just fooling. I mean I've told him already that I do find him attractive and would want to start something and the feeling is mutual. But he wants me to "let go"

and I have no idea how to do that...I don't even know what the hell that means! And I've been as honest as I can without actually spilling my guts,I've lost complete contact with all my exes I don't know what else to do? I mean I'm not a tight-ass walking with a big stick up my butt if anything I'm really laid-back..I don't know what else to do and now I've tried to call him he answered and it got cut off and I tried to call him two more times but he's ignoring the calls..Is it too late to clear the air or should I keep trying?


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  • It's too late. You'll only add fuel to the fire by bugging him.

    He wants to "let go". In other words, move on.

    What to do? Figure out what type of guy you find interesting. Then hang out where there are these types of guys. Bookstores are a good place to meet quiet, intelligent people.


  • speaking on the phone is great but not all there is to it

    question I would ask you have you even seen a pic of him?

    if this is long distance how often do you talk. and at least do you know any of his closest family

    all this count but my rule number 2 is that never fall for the answer get to know him physically and better it will help you. all the best girl


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