Will my ex leave me alone if I?

He broke up with me 4 months ago through a text saying he didn't love me and didn't want to be with me, but the next day calls and says he loved me but we couldn't be together then hung up. I tried calling him and texting him to ask why and if he was sure that's what he wanted but he ignored me. I gave up and stopped contacting him but after 2 weeks he began to call me to see how I was doing and he would confuse me. One time he even wanted to come see me to work things out but never came so I text him I never want to talk to him ever again.

After a a month he contacts me and I answer and we talk friendly for a couple of weeks, then he starts asking me how I feel about him, am I seeing anyone, have I been on any dates, and that he wants to come see me. He said he wanted to spend 3 days with me and even said that he loves me, and cares about me. Then last week he changed and seemed like he didn't care and said that it's not going to happen.

So im going to block him, do you think he will leave me alone because every time I've told him I can't talk to him he still calls and I'm dumb for answering but I can't do this anymore I'm at my breaking point and just want to move on so I can be with someone who won't treat me like that.


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  • Block his number from your phone because he shouldn't be pulling you along like that. He sounds really indecisive and needs a reality check, go out and see other guys because this idiot is clearly playing with your emotions and wasting your time


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  • Go ahead and block him. This guy is playing with your emotions. Even if he does like you, he needs to get his shit together first.

  • Just block him he a fuck boy he doesn't know what he wants.


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