Have you ever thought of this?

The person you really want to stay in your life leaves you and didn't choose you. No matter what you do you can't be with them. And you keep holding on but damage you more because you had a feeling that it may lead to nothing.


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  • Yes, I have. Currently living it. But all I can say is things happen. I still love him. I can't hate him. He will always be my first love and he knows it. The damage isn't good though. And I say to anyone going through this, don't settle for it. You are worth so much more. This pain; it may seem like it'll last forever but it's temporary. You will get through this.


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  • Ya, I know what you mean. She's so beautiful and perfect in your own eyes, but you know you can never be with them cause the leave you and she found someone else better... Then, the emotional pain manifests into something you can no longer contain, that you can't go back into finding another partner for while...

    • She know how much I lover her and she said that she loves me too. The feeling was so great. We used to cheer up each other, show how we really feel. I felt her love. but you know man, she has a boyfriend.
      Tue, May 12 4:27:10 AM
      I can't do anything, of course. Last 6 months is time she has to choose wether me or her boyfriend and she did not choose me and I stayed friends with her. How fool I was by still being a friend to her. Last three months I said I can't take it anymore. I can't be friends with her anymore its to painful and you know what? She did let go of me. She said she's not the girl for me. Time will come, the girl for you will come and she'll not hurt you. Sorry if I'm not the one. It hurts every bits of me. And until now, we're still talking. Even though things got worse. WE'RE STILL TALKING. I was really wrong. I'm chasing someone and became desperate.

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    • But now dude, she was not replying on my messages and not answering my calls. And I know what it means. She keeps ignoring me

    • Just give her some space and leave her alone for a while and see what happens. That's what I did to my crush. I left her alone for a month and half.

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  • It's lust. It will fade and even if she comes back it would be terrible. Take it from my experience, it's over

    • I know it's already over. I was starting to move on, I am detaching myself. It's been a month since I didn't talked to her.

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  • This is what you call emotional attachment, something I've been learning to avoid whenever I get into a relationship, or when I meet a new woman.

    It's probably the reason why you're stuck in the friendzone though...


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