How do I get over this girl (Its onesided now)?

Okay so this girl left me because I never had enough time for her. And the reason I didn't was because I was lifting, studying, learning another language, and just working (I'm a soldier). Lifting because I want to play rugby in college and I'm in the process of that, studying because Stanford or Norte Dame was my choice, and working. I been drilling and moving around the state. Anyways, all this I did was for myself. I want to play professional rugby, get the best education, reach the top of society. You know, reach my best self. And while I was doing that. She found another guy, and she slept with him, and he read my messages about begging her to take me back (and he laughed and do e everything I said I was going to do). Then it hurt even worse. And she tells me to fuck off now, and is rude to me. Tells me to leave her alone. Because she loves this guy now. And it hurts, I want to get over her. Please. Tell me how to get over her. My friends (also soldiers, and college rugby players) take me out to parties to meet other girls, and we have fun. But the thought of her being with another guy hurts so bad!


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  • Your girl was a total cunt. Think about that. You want to get back with a horrible excuse of a human being. Why is that?

    Don't make excuses for her. What else could explain her behavior other than she's a lying sociopathic cunt who enjoyed hurting you?

    Red pill man. Red pill.

    They're all sociopathic cunts who only care about themselves. When you see that you can stop blaming yourself.


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  • She didn't care about you to begin with or she would have understood why you where doing what your doing. Do you think she is willing to marry a dead beat with no career or goals? No, she obviously wanted the attention, not you. You deserve better than her and while you won't be able to magicly stop liking her you can with time. First stop talking to her. She wants to make you jealous, its an attempt to punish you for focusing more on your life goals then her.(If she cared about you she would have prioritzed you) Your feeding her ego by begging for her back. This is who she is, it won't change even if she does take you back. Focus on your life, if you have time to think about her you have time to workout, study, etc. Keep your focus on what you want, this is temporary, your ambition and life goals however are forever. This is what defines you, not her. She wants you to give up that for her, which isn't love its selfishness. It hurts because she wants it to, she is manipulating you. If she couldn't handle it she could have just broken up with you but she didn't. So focus on the things that are important to you, its not necessary for you to get another girl, and in all honesty at this point in your life it may in fact be a distraction. You have a future just focus on that. Eventually you will find someone who respects what your doing, and cares enough about you to not try and sabotage it.

  • Just eat some M&Ms and apparently go watch Jurassic World, its "amazing"!


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