Should I feel horrible?

I liked this girl last year but ended it because of her depression. She turned me down physically and wanted a serious relationship. I wasn't ready for one. She took it horribly and would have panic attacks telling me all I wanted was sex from her. I ended up falling for her friend and when she found out she flipped. A year later she comes up to me and apologizes. She told me she had low self esteem and she had turned me down because she didn't think she was sexy. That her panic attacks were her thinking she was worthless and a guy would only want sex from her. That she had really liked me and was hurt by her friend for flirting with me behind her back while she relapsed. What do you think of this woman? How should I handle this? Should I unblock her or be her friend? Should I feel bad for ignoring her?


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  • It sounds like she's done some soul searching and has either gotten some professional help or has read up on a few of her personal issues and is becoming very self aware of them.

    I don't see any harm in being her friend, but just pay close attention to make sure her apology is genuine, and if she starts flaking out on you again, then you'll know she's full of shit and never talk with her again.

    To me, it sounds like she's genuinely making an effort to apologize and at least is pointing the finger of blame at herself, unlike many other people who go around thinking everything is always someone else's fault.


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  • This woman has some serious psychological issues that need to be addressed. She drove you away. You should be okay with what happened.

    • Her issues were addressed. She got help for it.

  • does she take any medication in order 2 tone down her panic attacks?

    • Yes, she said her low self esteem was caused by not being able to beat depression. She spent the year seeing specialists to find out what was wrong with her. She found out and is now in recovery. She sees a neurologist

    • that's good then

  • If she's in your age range, ditch her. Life isn't middle school.

    • Why was she acting like she was in middle school? She had depression and got better. She actually apologized and was mature about it.

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    • So depression really changes a person? Is it possible she's not the person I think she is?

    • No it only hinders their thinking temporarily.

  • A varient of this question is posted every second week. I am guessing by the same person everytime..
    High Anxiety/Panic attacks are no excuse for bad behaviour.
    You need to sort yourself out, accept what was done, and move on with your life

    • I suffer from depression/high anxiety, I claim responsibility for my actions, have never used it for an excuse.
      As convenient as it would be

    • Why the downvote?
      Even with depression/anxiety, you still have control over your actions..
      It sounds like after acting badly on impulse, your in need of an excuse to justify your actions.
      Let him be, get your head clear and start afresh with someone new. It will be so much easier for you without the negative history

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