My head is so messed up, my does my ex not let me talk to guys?

he is the one that LEFT me! and was horrible to me and really hurt me
every single time i go out and im even standing next. to a guy or speaking to a guy he comes over and verbally abuses me/ and threatens to hit the guy
we have been broken up ONE year
i cared for him a lot, and i was devastated and heartbroken and tried to work things out but he doesn't want me back so Why on earth does he do this and won't let me speak to anyone?


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  • He's a very jealous, controlling and narcissistic bully who wants what he doesn't have. I think I answered one of your questions about this guy earlier, and no one should "let" or "not let" you do anything or talk to anyone. He broke up with you, you've moved on, and he needs to get over it.

    Maybe talk a martial arts expert to go out with you where this asshole trolls and see what happens when he starts shit with him. I hate bullies, and this guy needs to stay the fuck away from you and anyone you're hanging out with.

    I hope you've told him to get lost. You can also always get security at the club and let them know your ex is harassing you and your friend. He really needs his head kicked in.

    • lol sorry for the repost just wanted some more opinions, its not just that it bothers me and doesn't let me meet other people its that it messes with my head and its not fair because i did love him but it stops me from moving on when he acts like that😐

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    • thanks :/ i know i told him and he said sorry and said that feelings got the better of him and it makes me think there is still a chance when there is not and i need to move on :(

    • Even if there were a chance, you have to ask yourself if this is the kind of person you really want to be with. You deserve a lot better than someone who loses their self-control and goes batshit crazy on you and your friends.

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  • He sounds like he's just a asshole with a huge inflated ego. He just wants the luxury of knowing you're all over him without him having to do any work or make commitments. Every time you show him you're your own person his ego gets bruised and he acts out on it.


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  • One word: control and insecurity... ok... that's three. You got me but damn! Gimme a break already... I was just trying to help you out? Gah!

    Seriously though, he is insecure about his ability to lock down another woman after leaving you. In his world, if he can control yours... he's still safe. You dig?

  • he's very jelly if he does wot u mention actually...


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  • I would say stop going the places where you know he goes. If you know where he hangs out, avoid that place at all costs. If he shows up where you are, just go somewhere else. If you broke up over a year ago, why on earth is he even still a part of your life?

  • If I were you I'd get a restraining order!!


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