What is he doing?

A guy I know ask me out and I said yes, we text and the next day he invited me to a house party but I couldn't go as I already had plans, he seemed fine but then went all distant and think he got it in his head that I wasn't interested. I know that he told people about liking me and even asked my sister if I had a boyfriend, but He wrote on his Facebook that he "hates feeling like he wants something so bad but knowing deep down he can't have it" we didn't talk for a few days then I started a conversation and everything was good again! And then we had a night out a group of us but he didn't sit with us as he had invited other friends as well but I thought things were OK and then he just said he was going and left and then the next day in front if me he told every1 that he had asked another girl out an they were going 2 watch a film! I know that this girl us 3 years younger and she had only just split up with her boyfriend of 2 years the day before is he just trying 2 make me jealous or has he moved on in just a week! Please help thanks x


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  • there can be lots of reasons on what his purpose is.

    he could have moved on

    he could been Jealous

    Or he could have already liked that girl and could be using u.

    i don't know know which one but what kind of personality is this guy? is he the nice type or is the immature player?

    Or you can try another option and ask him if he had or still has a thing for you .. and ask him about his actions before. ...

    but if you feel like this guy isn't all that great then maybe you should consider moving on and letting go.

    U like him correct?


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