No way this girl loved me do I have to respect myself?

We could never communicate. Endless mind games. I tried to be straight forward get her to open up. Her parents hated me her friends hated me. We could see each other twice a month.. for like 6 months sneaking around. Had plans to move out after I finished the police academy. She grew distant and bitter saying j don't care I don't show her anything. She didn't show me anything. It turned toxic. She left me asked got me back the next day crying. Led to more fights then she went no contact. I poured my heart out in a letter to her. She responded saying bad timing.. she wants to try again hopefully when she can leave things off good with her parents.

She was choosing me over her parents and ever talking to them again and a free college ride. Was she just wanting to play house with me? She had just turned 18 when she broke up. I know she really did want all this and was crazy about me at one point. Fuck.. I'm really thinking this girl just never loved me and I was just her little teenage phase. Last time we were forced to breakup by her parents we had no conta ct for months and she never responded to my email. But yet when she saw me four months later she was hysterically crying. I think that phase is over.
I tp l d her in the letter that I was dealing with the stress of my dad being terminally I'll and the police academy. Obviously if she cared I mean she wouldn't of broken contact completely.


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  • She's just a confused girl who is still immature and doesn't know what she wants. She still has a lot of growing up to do including figuring out who she is and where's going in life. I don't understand why you'd want someone so toxic in your life cause that's normal or how a happy, healthy relationship should be. You need to move on with your life and let go of her. Whether she loved you or not is irrelevant because she's a mess. You cannot stay with a person who is so up and down all the time.

    • I've never had someone love me before.. never. I sont think I ever will. That's why j kept her around. It's fucking weak I know.

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    • You're probably attractive and have a social life though main difference right there

    • Attractive or not I don't have someone in my life. There are plenty of attractive people who are lonely and struggle to find someone special. I have bout 6 friends in total and no best friend per say. I'm actually incredibly lonely but I'm trying to be happy on my own.

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  • Yes, there is no way she would have loved you, the way you mentioned about her clearly proves that. She seems like a drama queen kind of a girl. My suggestion is don't take her back even if she approaches you again.


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