What are some subtle hints to give a guy so he knows that you like him?

well there is this guy in my chem class and he is so cute and nice, but he is the kind of guy that is really full of himself but I think he likes me because he always winks and does things like taking my stuff and hiding it or popping up behind me and I just think even though he is a little pompous I feel he will be a good boyfriend...any help?


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  • flirt like crazyy :)

    look into his eyes when you talk to him, lick your lips, look at his lips, etc.

    touch his arms, comment that he really looks good in the color he's wearing .:)

    tell him that he should text you and give him your number :)

    • Are you sure that's not to obvious? or like I am trying too hard?

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    • Thank you!!!! I will write back if it works!!!!

    • Ok sounds good :)

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