I carried too much bad things and she never care or see or even touch what im trying to do or to show why?

i been with her long years ago , i touched something good in her while everyone been ignoring her i was the one who hold her and hug her tight .. i knew she had some bad issues in her personality like she don't trust anyone , she always feel scare and worry , she is fast angry and fast running away , she dont like to face the problems and she have zero self confidence plus lazy doing anything.. i kept years and years trying to fix her and i really loved her more than my self... and finally she left me and went to another one.. i wonder how come she didn't touch all what i tried to do for her by respecting her caring her protecting her and make her happy even if im tired i dont complain till she say u make feel full of everything beside u... and finally she just walk out without reasons... how can i understand this and why it happened... i know well its not feelings or sexual issues but maybe because im not rich enough i mean im just normal man not rich... but she always never care about money so why finally she changed her mind after long years... i didn't know being normal or poor its a big shame can cause break up.


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  • When you try too hard and the other person do not see it as it is, this is a bad sign. In the end, probably she was taking you for granted, and went for the "thrill of the hunt", seeking for stones while discarding a diamond.

    You're a good decent man. She was not for you and you're much better without her. Time will come when you will find a decent good woman who gives you the value you deserve.


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  • Some men spend their entire lives trying to help woman and are genuine. Most of the women they meet take advantage of them so they can ultimately chose their own preference in man. Sadly a lot of women prefer the bad men than the good ones, based on money, muscles, stability etc, unfortunately women are so blinded by material and image, they forget to look for someone with a heart or respect for women. This is life, don't worry one day a girl will appreciate you for who you are!

  • Because women are heartless. This is the cold hard truth.
    A married couple is just a man and woman putting up with one another. Don't worry so much about women, worry about yourself, do what makes you happy.

    Get rich and do whatever the Fuck you want.


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