I broke up with my ex girlfriend 2 weeks ago, I miss her, and I want her back. What do I need to do?

We broke up because the relationship was going nowhere. I miss her now, we haven't talked since the break up except a few pathetic hellos in the hall. It kind of a mutual breakup, I gave her the ultimatum, and she hesitated, so I was just like...well if you hesitated then its over (but I did it nicely). Then we hugged, and parted ways.

Now we can't even hold eye contact. I've caught her catching glimpses of me, but I don't know how she feels. I don't know how to approach her. What should I do/say. Should I just come out of the blue or what?

BTW I'm a sophomore in high school, and she's a freshman...so you can better comprehend my situation...Thanks!

The reason why we got so distant is because I think we were too timid around each other. We were afraid to do things, she was my first gf. And I WILL fix that if I get the chance lol.


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  • if you want her back and like her a lot then go back out with her.oh by the way I am sophomore too:)

    • Yeah I know, but I don't know how she still feels about me?

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  • if you want her back, then walk up to her and go for it. don't be surprised if she rejects you however


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