I know she will come back, she has a feeling too, but would it be right?

okay so I have posted before a month ago about my ex I was dating, to re-cap in a nutshell, we dated for 2 years in love for 15 months still in love as she tells me and I know I'm still in love with her.break up reason I saw her fooling around with a guy just once, I snapped took a couple weeks to regroup my feelings I ask for her back she says she has been waiting to hear those words for so long we work things out or so she makes me believe things are worked out when secretly she has liked some guy, that night when we worked things out we have great makeup sex.days later I can't even kiss her she tells me she might have feelings for this guy, for two weeks she dates this guy behind my back leading me on as she is rebounding to him.when I found out I got mad I cut all ties with her deleted her from Facebook which was the right thing,but every other day she would call telling me she needs me in her life I would cry and then get mad and tell her to leave me alone, another day I would call her and say I love her and need her in my life, its been about 6 weeks now that I have been alone, sometimes I cry about 3 times a day, we were first loves I know I can't blame her for moving on but its awful the way she went about it. I've tried to move on meet new girls go out on dates with some but it doesn't feel right I breakdown after almost every date. I've come to realized I can't move on, and now things are not working out for her and her new rebound relationship,that guys is like running off with his ex but she is too stupid and ignorant to snap out of it I guess she is waiting till something bad really happens. so I'm in this pickles so to say. I can't find it in myself to move on, I miss everything about her I love her I know she still loves me and she tells me it won't be long till she will be back...i need advice, because how long am I going to have to wait? I know I can forgive her for everything I already have but she will have to earn my trust. But would it be in my best interest to take her back? She has a feeling we are meant to be, she actually is the one who has told me that after she has realized what she has done and will know she will never find anyone who will love her like I do.I believe her becuase I am so madly in love with her.Everything that is happening is out of my control. Should I wait for her? its not like I have a choice becuase I can't move on. How long is it going to take for me to move on if she doesn't come back? Like WTF should I do, I'm tired of crying everyday its making me sick I almost think that something is wrong with me...What should I do? is there anything I can do to make change her mind faster? this is really a fml moment, guys and girls I need your advice


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  • I've been in the same boat as you.. kind of. Honestly, you shouldn't wait for her. Why wait for someone who has to earn your trust back? She betrayed you TWO times remember that. She says she loves you but she's seeing another guy who doesn't like her? That doesn't make sense. I know how you feel, you are sticking up for her because you don't want her to be the bad guy because you think you're meant to be. But if you just don't read any of that and see that 1. she cheated on you. 2. did it TWICE. 3. says she loves you but is waiting for that boy. She is using YOU as a rebound and there is completely no point in waiting for her. I know it will be difficult to move on, but every relationship is. Love comes around often but true love comes only once and that is the person who won't ever do that to you. I'm not saying that cheaters will just keep doing it (although some do) and she might end up as your true love. But, you really just need to let everything happen, happen. Don't go back with her (for awhile), delete everything you have that reminds you of her and hide stuff. If you go out looking for someone they won't come, people just come to you naturally and then you'll realize why you stood up for her when everything was so clear. Why be with someone who doesn't know what they want, she may say she loves you but it sounds to me that she doesn't have you at the top of her priority list. You will move on, it will happen trust me. Just go out have fun, keep entertained because when you're sitting on the couch that's when you think of things the most. Don't worry, if it's meant to be it's meant to be.

    • Oops when people come naturally you'll wonder why you stood up for her**

    • Wow, I see what you mean, I don't even know what to say because it hurts so bad, I know that I ACTUALLY AM the rebound guy but like f*** its so hard to believe that because I'm still so in love...but thanks

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  • my advice to you is to not date anyone for a while..you have the classic case of self insecurity and self valueless..i know it sounds harsh but please realize EVERYONE goes through this..some more than others because they let themselves fall into the same trap over and over...You need to regain your self confidence and tell yourself (and really believe it) that you love you more than anyone/anything...you might have stong feelings for her, you wouldn't be seeking advice online if you didnt, my point is and listen carefully... YOU CANNOT LOVE SOMEONE WITHOUT FIRST LOVING YOURSELF. everything youve typed pretty much says you don't love you!..you saw the girl cheat on you? no brainer here man...u need to run and run fast...wheres ur self respect? where are ur boundaries? the thought of someone you really care for, liking someone else, is causing immense insecurity in you and that insecurity is manifesting itself in your emotions. if you wait for her shell continue to string you along and go from guy to guy because she knows you'll always be there...the typical back burner scenario..BE A MAN...cut her off..dont talk to her...tell her you have more respect for yourself than to put yourself through that and you really love yourself more than her...why do you think girls are attracted to "badboys"? not because they like being treated like sh*t but they are attracted to their self confidence, how they let it known that they love themselves and they don't need a girl to make them feel that way. this is what an ALPHA MALE is. My advice to you is to figure out why you would put this girl who cheats on you and lies to you before yourself...take time off from dating ANYONE, fix yourself, heal and adopt the attitude that NO ONE IS WORTH YOUR PAIN. LOVE YOURSELF AND RESPECT YOURSELF and this will attract the right girl...waiting on her and telling this girl you love her is doin the complete opposite...CUT HER OFF AND BE A MAN and watch how fast she turns around... true love doesn't hurt, it doesn't lie, and it certainly doesn't use you as a backup plan. like I've said weve all been there...the truth is harsh but unless you love yourself you'll never be able to truly love anyone...weve all been there...take this as a lesson and WHATS MEANT TO BE WILL BE..nothing you can do to force it so do the opposite, sit back and let life happen...good luck


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