I want him back.. How?

I want my ex back. we broke up and he is now dating some other girl not even a month after we stopped. I dont think he truly is in love with her or partially cares. I think its the thrill of another girl or someone just to be in place of me for now or like to see whstas out there. Im not sure. Since they started dating iys only been a month he has been cheating on her with me. Its a horrible situation i know but it happened. I feel like he's pretending to be someone else for her and i know the real him. He tells me that she doesn't have such and such etc and i feel like he's really not into it from what i hear. We broke up for him needing to get his life in order with job etc and him wanting me to do better as well. He has no job since being back from deployment and suffers from a bunch of conditions. I want him back after what we have been through. We been through a lot especially this past year. How do i get him back eventhough most people will say leave his sorry ass. Can i express my feelings to him and tell him how i still feel. Some how in my heart it says that he will be back. I dont hold my breath for that, living each day for me but there is a little hope i hold on to.


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  • Ok seriously DONT BE STUPID he's getting pussy where he can before it blows up in his face so just move on cause if he's doing this to her hell do it to you (if he wasn't already since he has a chick so quick after yalls break up)


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  • You think he is pretending to be someone else with her - yes, he's pretending not to be a cheating asshole and you pretend not to be a sneaky so-and-so who is trying to steal back a a man that doesn't want you any more. You're letting him fuck you for nothing now, it's clear you want him back and it's quite obvious to everyone but you that this will most likely never happen so what are you getting out of this, the sex? The feeling of being second best, a bit of entertainment? You're kidding yourself if you think somehow your love will sort everything out - you broke up for a reason, I'm sure it's still valid.

    Gather what little self respect you have left and walk away.


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  • He just wants both of you. He's a dog. Let him loose and go find someone who appreciates you. If he cheats on her, he'll cheat on you, too. Learn to love yourself then go find a winner, girl.

  • I'm going through same situation but at least you don't got kids involved but mine wants to find herself
    Maybe he's confused but I say follow your heart
    You should fight for it

  • You'll get nothing and like it.


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