Girls, have you ever had an ex say... ?

Girls, have you ever had an ex say you were "incompatible" and breakup with you. That you just "couldn't work out." Only to come wanting you back months/years later?


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    Then by the time he comes back, I'm either beyond over it or there's a guy replacing him who he could never measure up to :) tehehe

    • Ha ha omg why do the do that? So dumb! How long did it take yours to wise up?

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    • Well said. I think girls that are dumped are initially the ones at a loss after a break up but because we deal with our issues and emotions instead of jumping into another meaningless relationship, most of us seem to take the time to find ourselves and really get over him. While he just goes on supressing how he really feels and then suddenly it hits them months later. But we are way stronger than them by that time.

    • Yes, I'm definitely stronger, but I'm the kind of person who always believes in second chances when people make... mistakes ;)

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  • Yeah because they realized the grass wasn't so green on the other side, I wish people would learn that the grass only stays green on the side that you water.

    • Preach it girl! So very true! You're only "incompatible" bc one or both aren't patient, accepting of imperfections, and willing to compromise! Incompatibility is a myth. Love always can make a way.

    • Yes he's a clown and you DESERVE better period. He can't make a decision so make it for him and leave his childish immature ass. Sorry for the language.

    • Lol I don't think you know my story :p

  • Hahah yes this happened with me and my ex boyfriend about two years ago and last year he came back and we dated again and while we were dating it was great and he even told me he was wrong to of said that because he realized it wasn't true and that we were infact very compatible. But unfortunately we broke up again and haven't spoke since.

    • Oh no! I guess what caused the breakup wasn't fixed yet!

    • Well no it was fixed... Just more shit happened after finally getting to know him fully.

    • Aw man, that stinks! I guess he needs to grow up ;)

  • Yes. Lol by that time i was over him. He needs to get lost. They always realise when its too late.

    • Wow, yes I heard it's rare the girl still wants them at that point!

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    • It could still happen. My ex came back begging after a year. I mean if you still feel bad about a break up, of course it will upset you if your ex doesn't come back. But, soon it won't matter whether or not he does. The ex coming back is really the icing on top of the cake because during the time he's gone you really should just be focusing on yourself.

    • Some take years girl! They all pop up eventually.

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