Is he missing me? I hope so because I'm missing him like crazy.

boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me 2 months ago saying he didn't feel like as relationship is what he wanted in life right now. Haven't had any contact with him at all until today. Offered him some tickets to a sports game that I wasn't going to use. I went to drop them off and we stood and talked and laughed for 20 minutes or so. When I said I had to get going, I asked if I could have a hug. He walked over and we had a long, strong hug. I told him "I miss ya you know. You were my best friend... have fun at the game" He replied with "thanks, I really appreciate it" and started to get all teary eyed. He said he would text me soon. Am I getting my hopes up or does it seem as though he misses me?


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  • he definitely misses you, if you stayed with you for three years you were obviously a very important person in his life and that's not going to go away in two months. You're doing the right thing not having contact with him because it gives both of you guys time to think about the relationship and what went wrong.

    That being said I wouldn't get your hopes because that's almost an invitation to heartbreak. There's a reason the relationship didn't work and if you ever want to have a chance to get back together ou both gotta acknowledge changes have to be made. But I'd still give it more time too to see what happens, who knows you might somebody yourself and realize it ended for the best.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wish you guys the best. I hope it works out. I think you guys deserve each other in the long run. Work through those problems. Every relationship will not be perfect.


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