Why is my ex boyfriend acting like this?

Ok so he broke up with me 4 months ago and I tried to accept it but he kept calling me to see how I was doing but then other times he would tell me he loved me and wanted to come see me and possibly work things out but never came to see me. So I finally had enough and told him I never wanted to speak to him and I thought I would never hear from him ever again.

After a month of no contact he starts calling me and at first it was just friendly and to see how I was doing then slowly each week he starts telling me:

How do you feel about me?
Would you ever date me?
Are you seeing anyone?
There are so many people out there that are in love and not together, I don't want that to happen to us.
He said I love you and care about you
I want to come see you

He also started calling me babe again. So last week when I talked to him he talked friendly only didn't mention anything about us other than when I said something he said, Is it because you love me? and I said yes and he said "Not gonna happen." He also said "you know I'm never gonna love" and also "You should be with some who cares about you" and that broke my heart because I thought he wanted to get back together.


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  • guess he wants 2 get back 2 u then...


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  • His motive probably was sex or to use you as an ego boost. Some men can be cruel. If he says that you should find someone who cares about you he basically saying that he doesn't want to be with you (sorry).. he sounds like a complete asshole anyways so you should be lucky that he broke up with you. It seems like he wants to play with your mind since first he said he loved you and now he's saying go find someone else. I would cut all ties and move on and find someone who truly loves you. Basically as Maya Angelo stated ''If someone shows you who they are believe them" and basically this guy has shown you that he is a player. So act accordingly. You DESERVE better.


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  • I think you should block him from your phone. If you let him one more chance i think you guys will break up again. Think the reason is that he feels lonely and can't find a new girlfriend.

  • Sounds all complicated and lol I would just diss all his texts

    • It is very complicated lol I even asked him what he wanted and he said "I want you" but now he acts different. Thanks for the input :)

  • Sounds like my pathetic master manipulator ex boyfriend

    Just ditch him and kick em to the curb.


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