How do you get an ex to talk to you and be friends?

I want to be friends with my ex, we have known each other for the longest time and since we broke up (about 2 years ago) we haven't talked. He is in a relationship now and so am I but I miss his friendship and do NOT miss him on any romantic level. How can I get him to talk to me or how can I talk to him without him thinking that I still like him like him...He is kinda dramatic and I don't want him to think I want him back or have him feel all cocky and mighty, he already thinks every girl wants him and he can get any girl. What do you guys suggest?


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  • If that's the way you think he may react then I suggest you leave it alone. Unless you're willing to say hey. How are you I heard you have a new girlfriend I'm in a happy relationship too. Miss talking want to be friends. You know this guy... if you think he won't react in an adult way and think that you contacting him for alteriere motives, then wait til you think he can be grown about it.

    • Yeah you're probably right...why can't guys just suck it up and not be so dramatic! Jeeeezzzz!

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  • the most I can say is send a random email asking how he's doing and tell him about your life right now, including your boyfriend/girlfriend and any animals etc you've gotten together (hehe)...I think that would start a good warm up


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