Why the F am I missing my ex soo bad? I don't get it! help?

it's been about a month and going 2 months, I am still not over it. He is always on back of my mind even though it doesn't hurt anymore. WHYYYYYYYYY! I also can't help but look at his social media almost every single day. I'm guilty but I can't help it.


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  • Who ended the relationship, and are you seeing someone else? Maybe you're lonely, but if you really want to stop thinking about him, you have to stop looking at his social media completely.

    • I broke up with him out of emotions and then tried to patch things up the next day (long message) but he didn't want to get back anymore.

      I gave him space, and then tried reaching out one week later and it went unanswered. Oddly enough, one week later, he texted to congratulate me on my Graduation (4 weeks ago)

      And I haven't heard from him since then. As I'm looking at his social media, I see some status about missing someone, but I am not sure if it's me he's referring to or not.

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  • Exclude him completely if u want to get over him.
    That means not checking his social media at all.


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  • I'm kn the same thing I glimpse her ig a lot. It's torture.


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