I miss him terribly. Does anyone else thing my ex would eventually reach out to me?

We have been broken up for about a month. I broke up with him out of emotions. I apologized the next day and he doesn't want it anymore.
The last time I heard from him is about 4 weeks ago when he greeted me for my graduation.

I was looking at his social media and there are some posts about missing someone, I can't help but think it's about me but he hasn't even reach out to me for awhile now, I haven't either as well. My ego is shot after when I TRIED To patch things up, he didn't want to get back together anymore. I miss him terribly.


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  • You broke up with him out of emotions, so what is he supposed to think when you try to apologize and get back together with him? That you're doing it out of emotions again and no one wants to be with a person who changes their mind so easily, especially when his feelings are on the line.
    My exgirlfriend left me when everything was great, most likely for the same reason you broke up with your ex and even though I'm hoping for her to change her mind and comeback, I'm not sure If it will work out because I will be afraid that she will change her mind again and get my feelings hurt.
    You need to talk to him and be completely honest, you're in this situation because of you, so least you can do is try to fix it. The fact that you only try to fix things once and gave up, gave him reasons to believe that you were acting out your emotions..

    • My ego is completely shot down. And Im honestly SCARED that he will just ignore me, or reject me again, and it will boost his ego even more.

    • I don't know what to do? Can I private message you, it seems you've been in his shoes, but then again every guy is different.

    • Yeah sure, you can message me

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  • ... I broke up with him out of emotions...
    You are out in the Adult world now, silkteddy, and along with this new venture, time to put school days away and come down to the Real world that it's not always going to be greener on the other side of the fence in life and love doesn't come easy.
    Someone still loves you, is 'Missing someone' and that 'Someone' Is... You.
    Contact him and get on the same page and come to some sort of compromise. Don't let life pass you by with This Someone who just may be.. Mr,. Right.
    Good luck. xx

    • OMG wait... I'm so scared though! I want to contact him but wth am I gonna say?
      and how do I know it's about ME though?

      On his Instagram bio it said: "I miss you... come back soon. lol"
      then 2 weeks ago on his FB he had a status that he posted as "public" I guess I'll go the gym- feeling furious and when someone commented for him to be happy he was like "I wish it was that easy."

      another post was about him being awake so early at 5:45 am, BUT STILL, how do I know Im the cause of this?

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    • my guts says he might just ignore me bad his ego will increase even more.

    • ...4 weeks he greeted me for my graduation... xx

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  • I mean you gatta get through that grief period.. if you broke up with him it was for a reason. Just keep on waiting.. time will heal.


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  • Oh my God I can't take it!!! Everyone is posting about missing someone. I miss you!!! Maybe one day I will have my closure... my heart hurts­čś×

    • Are you doing anything to have your closure? I guess not and why not?

  • forget about him and move on already


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