Why is my ex snooping on me?

Whatsapp has this new feature where you can call people on it.
It's right next to the display picture so people often press call by accident when they want to view your status or picture.
He's has done this a good few times.
What's his problem?
He said he didn't know whether he wanted a relationship& I ended up dumping him because he requested a break.
But keeps popping back up with this and saying he misses me which I have not responded to. Infact, I've been in strict no contact since we split.
I've blocked him on everything but if he still has my number he can view my profile...
I'm curious as to why he can't seem to just leave it be since he made this decision...
If I was him and I didn't want him. I would be enjoying myself, why is he keeping tabs on me?
Please note that I'm literally just curious and confused due to the nature of the break up. But I do not want him back.
Any clues?


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  • If you don't want him back then who cares! Stop worrying about someone thst you don't want!

    • As I said. I'm curious and confused. I'm naturally very observant and intrigued by how humans operate in relationships. I want to be a marriage counsellor so its kind of something that is interests me.

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    • Thank you for giving your take and being so understanding! It's nice to know you know how I feel. ...
      That's really crappy though! And so cowardly! Makes me angry for you ! Lol
      How did you move on?
      I haven't been upset which is odd. Just have loads of questions that will never be answered lol...
      I guess it adds to my curiousity.
      If it was another girl, it'd sting but I feel like I could just be at peace with the situation.

    • I wasn't upset at first either over time I just numb the pain. I think I move on because in the back of my mind I realize that he wasn't mind to begin with. I found interested in other guy and I had loads of homework to do. So, I didn't have the time to cry as much. I was in shocked that he did such a thing. But it's fine I don't need anyone to make me feel special or loved! I am very loved by me.

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