Why would a person still be mad/cold towards an ex who rejected the idea of friendship (while he/she is still hurt)?

All of this despite acting like he/she doesn't care about the ex anymore. Isn't it supposed to be logical that as long as the other person is still hurt/hasn't moved on, he/she wouldn't want any sorts of friendship with the dumper? Isn't the dumper supposed to be respectful of this decision?

Also, when that person is finally ok with the situation, and tries to act civilized and normal towards the dumper, shouldn't he/she act normal too? Why get mad or still say mad?


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  • It sounds like he/she is immature and has difficulty with rejection or being rejected and has not moved on themselves. Your analysis is correct... Everyone is different, when one person still has feelings for the other even if the other person does not have feelings, friendship will not work because there is always the hope that you will get back together. Personally, friendship has never been an option after a breakup; too many good and bad memories and it keeps me in the past. From time to time I will get a message from an ex to see how I am, but more of an acquaintance than a friendship.


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  • Some people are just bad and rude and there is no point in analyzing. In my opinion dumper should have a decency to walk away from dumpees life after the breakup and don't even there using a "friends" word! It is so disrespectful and lame. If they wanted to breakup then they should know better to not expect ANYTHING from the dumpee. Dumpee should just walk away, he/she doesn't owe him friendship or anything anymore.

    The reason why dumpers want friendship and get mad when dumpee doesn't is because he/she wants to be in a control. They think they are the victims and that it's up to them to decide how is gonna be. Also if dumpee decides to stay friends that means they forgave a dumber and don't hold a grunge over them, so they can be in piece with a breakup looking at it like they made a right decision and even got a reward for that, they got a dumpee right where they wanted him/her.


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  • That person might not understand that that other person is till hurt or isn't able to move on from the thought of them so they might think that it's purely malicious.


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