Guys, My husband told me tonight be good?

We see each other a lot as we have a sixteen month old son together. We now go swimming every few days together with each other and the kids (I have two others and he has an adopted son from a previous marriage). It always seems he is being completely up front and flirtatious with me. Like all the time not just some. As I was leaving tonight to go home he tells me , "be good" of course he had to repeat it. I asked the wrong thing because I do not know what this means. He went for a divorce over a year ago. Nothing has happened we are still separated and no results. But my main bother is what he said. Can someone that knows and can dissect this please tell me more of what he is trying to say to me?


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  • That's a very common thing to say when you're bidding farewell to a loved one.

    In fact there was a famous parrot who knew a lot of English words--she could essentially speak English and became well-known even outside the scientific community--and her last words to her caretaker were: "See you tomorrow. You be good! I Love You." :)


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  • Sounds to me like he still has the hots for you What country are you in as this can make a difference to the way that remark is interpreted?

    • I'm in the US but I don't get what he was saying. Does this mean anything in particular? Yes I think he does. It might be hard for him to admit it?

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    • Wonder if he could be saying don't do anything I wouldn't... I don't know

    • Well he might lol he softly grabbed my side 😁

  • thats a common thing i guess he has something special in his mind for you


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