Sex with my ex. What now?

So my ex and I dated for a little over a year with the last 3-4 weeks being almost hell for me. We go to the same college, have a lot of the same friends, and saw each other on a consistent basis for 9-10 months with nothing happening. Then we somewhat randomly had sex after a party. A while after that she starts calling/texting me to come over on certain nights for pretty bogus reasons. Each time I've gone over we have ended up having sex, which is maybe 4-5 more times.

I obviously don't mind the sex, but why is she suddenly asking me to come bang her? I am in no way looking to get back in a relationship with her. Is she trying to with me? Should I ask her or just let it run its course until she says something?


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  • You greedy jerk. "Oh my ex wants to sleep with me all the time and I kinda don't want too". Just enjoy the ride who cares what her reasons are. Maybe she wants you back,maybe she just likes sleeping wiht you,maybe she hates you so she went and got VD from another guy and hopes to give it to you for being a lousy bf. Id sit back if I were you and let her say something.


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  • Your question is why she's asking you to bang her?

    Theres a lot of POSSIBLE reasons:

    ~she's really horny

    ~she likes the sex YOU give

    ~she likes YOU

    ~you're really good at sex

    ~she particularly only wants to have sex with you

    ~she still loves you

    ~she misses you

    ~shes addicted to sex

    Sometimes girls only want the sex, I'm not sure in your situation though. She might only want the sex and not the relationship, or maybe she wants a relationship too.

    If you're really dying to know, you can ask her, it wouldn't hurt.

    I mean, you're not looking to get back with her, right? If you ask her if she's trying to get back with you and she answers no, then it won't hurt you right?

    If she says yes and you don't want to, then tell her but you probably would have to give up the sex unless she doesn't mind.

  • I think that she is trying to get you back, some girls think that all men think about is sex and that's the way to their heart. I mean it might also be that she just really wants sex but I really doubt that because of the fact you are her ex and she could find someone she hasn't dated for that and it would be less drama, you know? I would ask her about it then make it clear you don't want to date her and never have sex with her again, or contact her for that matter. Or she could also just really like your sex.

  • You should get back with her. Start a relationship it might be good for you both.


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