Love of my life broke up due to lost attraction help?

We had been dating little over a year things moved fast she basically started living with me as we spent the night together almost everynight. Thiught i was doing every thing right letting her know how j feel about her and still showing it. Run her bubble baths and wash and massage her while she soaked. Bought her massages things like that. Kiss her hold her hand and things started being. Before that she had ended it with me saying we moved to. fast and what not. Couple days later we were back together again. Still did the romantic thing held hands went out tried giving her space to hang out with her friends. Now we broke up cause she said she has no more attraction to me anymore. Im wondering howtgat exactly happens. Maybe we moved to fast and since we saw each other all the time we never had time to miss each other? Thing is my heart hurts i still love her madly and i just don't know what i should do. Everyone says not to talk to her and if she misses me she will call. Date around etc. Just confused id do anything for this lady and she just ripped my heart out. We also work together so not seeing her isn't really a option. God i just wish she loved me the way i do her. Women always say they want a man that is a gentleman that treats them right and im one of those men that opens any door for my woman and nothjng but respectful to them. But why when they get a good man they ditch them? Is there anything i can do to get those feelings she once felt for me back?


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  • It sounds like you were a lot more into her than she was to you. So while you were doing all of these things, maybe it was just too intense because the feeling wasn't there for her in the first place. She shouldn't have stretched this out for as long as she did, because I gaurantee that she had these feelings when she first mentioned moving too fast. Women can be confusing and destructive sometimes. My advice is to try not to dwell on it. Keep yourself busy and transform yourself into the happiest person that you can, because you deserve that. I feel certain that once she sees you doing 10x better without her instead of chasing, you'll suddenly be what she's looking for again. I just hope you don't take her back if that time comes.

    • Thank you for the advice ill give it a shot

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  • I would say try cuddling.

    • can't really cuddle we just broke up :( but we did do that

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  • I would give her some space and see what happens

    • Ima have to... but would you date around while giving space or just wait?

    • Well I don't know if this is a girl thing but no I wouldn't. I did that once and it ultimately ruined what I wanted most and I was heartbroken for over a year. It was pathetic lol. So now after a break up I take my time to find myself again and either move on or try to make things work.

    • Mmk your prolly right i should take my time and wait it out. Much thanks

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