Should I ask my ex to go with me to a wedding I have to go to?

Is it a good idea or not?
Guy's what should I do. . help!!!


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  • Uhm why would you ask your ex to go to a wedding with you?

    • Because I want to bring him If I can

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    • He doesn't want to ever get back together?

    • And sorry but my mind is spinning in 10 different directions about him right now. I just want a straight answer :(

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  • Depends. If you guys ended things well and are still friends, I don't see the problem. But, if you're doing it for self-servinf reasons (like still loving him, wanting to rekindle the flame) then you may want to reconsider.

    • Why? Whats wrong with trying to rekindle the flame?

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    • The marriage thing could be a contributing factor, especially if you were pushy. Maybe your best bet would be to sit and have a conversation with him. Have you guys done that before? There's a lot of speculation on your end as to why he's acting the way he is (having the friend watch you, etc) and I think that clearing the air will help you decide what your next step will be.

    • I tried to ask him stuff and all he said before was I dont know so talking about things got us nowhere.

      You don't think he's friend keeping an eye on me means anything? I'm

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  • Its a terrible Idea take a friend instead

  • are you guys friends?

    • Kinda, not really we did hang out before but I stopped that because my feelings got the best of me now we don't talk, how sad :( when we did hang out we acted more like a couple too then friends

    • i wouldn't take him. If you are close friends then why not but if you don't talk do not take him

    • But the whole reason we don't talk is because we both have feelings for each other but he can't figure out what he wants.

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