What do you say when your boyfriend tells you he likes someone else right now?

My boyfriend Jimmie said "Kayla sorry but I like someone else right now." and now I'm confused, am I suppose to just let it happen or should I fight for him?


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  • If you were in your late twenties I'd say that he's asking you to remind him why he likes you and that you should fight for him because he's confused.

    But you're under 18. This will happen over and over and over again, with you too by the way. Just tell him to move on then if he's done with you. It's good for a young man to learn that his actions have consequences. Too often you young girls let them get away with murder.


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  • It happens, sometimes guys get confused, especially when they're younger. Just let him alone, it'll be hard at first but it will get easier.. I went out of the country for a few weeks this summer and my boyfriend cheated on me called me and said "sorry sarah, I like someone else." So there really is nothing you can do and if he's going to let feelings develop for someone else while he's in a relationship with you, he's a d*** and you don't deserve that.

  • dump him. why would you fight for a guy who wants to be with someone else? clearly he is not 100% satisfied with you. that is his loss then, move on but never lose your dignity fighting over a guy its not worth it


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