I'm so confused! How do I act around him at work?

I have been dating this guy at work and no one in the office knows about it... We preferred to keep it drama free. Our biggest issue is that he tends to break up with me after every little argument. It usually lasts a day or so and calls/texts saying he misses me. This past time, he went on a business trip and "broke up" with me before he left bc he said I complain" too much (FYI I was complaining about his rude attitude toward me... He was mad that I fell asleep without texting him good night). I decided not to entertain him... But I didn't hear from him... No calls or texts. I missed him but I figured I needed to stay strong... A week went by and I saw him on Monday at work and I asked him if we could talk. He still seemed angry and he said we could talk later. I texted him after work and asked if he was free to speak. He claimed he called me and I didn't answer but I didn't get a missed call. I then asked if he could call me back again... He never texted back. So, I sent him a long text message telling him how I felt and that my feelings haven't changed, but if he wanted me to leave him alone, I would. He responded 3 hours later with "good night". I felt awful! How could someone I cared so much about be so cold? I began to wonder if he even cared at all... So I texted him the next morning and said "good morning. Have a good day" (I know... Stupid move). I was so frustrated and decided to stop bc I was appearing desperate. A day and a half went by and this afternoon he unfriended me on Facebook after I posted that I went to lunch and tagged a group from work (which included males). He finally texted me saying that he felt we should just stay apart. He wished me well in school and told me to be safe. I didn't respond bc I felt awful! So, he texted me "did you get my text? I know your phone has issues sometimes"... later... "Guess ur ignoring me"... later... "Thank u for reenforcing my decision"... later... "Wow"... & now... "All you have to say is you received it". Omg! Is he trying to hurt me? How do I act at work tomorrow?


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  • I think he just wants to have the last word... meaning he wants to be the one ignoring you. That's what I am getting.

    Just be casual.
    Don't make eye contact that shows you are waiting to see if he would talk to you.

    On a side note, the part ," It usually lasts a day or so and calls/texts saying he misses me. " reminded me of Taylor's song, never getting back together.

  • jus act normal.


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