Why ex didn't want to hang up?

He broke up with me 4 months ago but he still calls me every week on his day off but he said he doesn't want to be with me. So we talked last night and he got emotional band cried because he misses a family member who moved away and I tried comforting me. He sounded tired so I asked him if he wanted me to let him go so he can sleep but he said no. Then he got really quiet so i asked again if he wanted me to hang up so he can go to sleep but he said no again then a few minutes later falls asleep on the phone.

why would he want me to stay on the phone if he was so tired and we didn't really have anything to talk about? Also why does he still call when he doesn't want to be with me?


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  • It sounds like he's having a hard time, and even though you're not together, he still needs emotional support. Especially if he doesn't really have anyone else.

  • he misses you.


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