How do I break up with my overly clingy boyfriend in the nicest way possible?

  • Tell him exactly how I feel.
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  • Tell him I think we need a break and should just be friends.
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  • None of the above.
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What Guys Said 4

  • Tell him exactly how you feel and what he has done wrong.
    Otherwise he will never learn and repeat his mistakes in the next relationship.
    It's tough, but needs to be done for his own good

  • Not tell him you want to be friends. You won't get rid of him that way

  • how clingy? maybe he doesn't realise he is clingy?

  • At the age of 14, you need to emphasize friendship. Be nice, but be honest.


What Girls Said 4

  • I have helped many a girl with a similar Difficult Question here, xog3ri, and the Best thing to do to end the madness without a lot of sadness is tell him: I really like you and care about you but I am just not ready for a Real Relationship at this point in time. I feel I am way too young and you are too, and I was really hoping... We could be friends for now.
    Good luck. xx

  • be honest. sugarcoating will only hurt him more. but be considerate as well. i broke up with a guy like that too.
    it's hard, but it's gotta be done.

  • Tell him exactly how you are feeling.

  • Do not tell him it's because he's clingy, because in the end you just don't like him like that anymore...
    And that's not a good reason to break up with someone in my opinion.

    • funny thing is, you're likely to realize he was the one later on. not to turn this into something it's not, but remember hearing that the bible caution those not o date until you're ready to mate. i never put much thought into that till i started seeing issues like this.

    • @kiler1000
      Exactly! I feel like the clingy word gets thrown around too easily these days when in reality people just aren't interested in a serious relationship and resent the normal closeness of such a relationship (not talking about stalkers here...).
      And if they aren't interested in a relationship for the right reasons, why are they dating someone anyway?

      Like the old saying, sometimes you're only able to appreciate and value something after you lost it (and aren't able to find it somewhere else).

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