My ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend?

my ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend they have been living together for 4 weeks. they have already broken up twice and he came back to me for a week. they broke up again yesterday and he came running again. she realised he was coming back to me and managed to get him to stay with her... she has already said to me and him she still loves her ex and doesn't love my ex boyfriend... will this relationship last? im sick of being used and hurt by him but i can't seem to let go as i do still care about him.. any in sight anybody can give i would be grateful as its confused me and driving me crazy.
she is the one breaking up with him. but he goes back because he loves her thats what he says


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  • Just get rid of him he's a waste of space and you 2 girls are being played. Have self respect and if she doesn't want him then don't take him back or it will be the same forever. As soon as he meets somebody new he'll leave u knowing he can just come back once he's had his fun

    • i think its her playing games he is totally in love with her

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    • i told him all that and he said he has made his decision... i told him he was a fool and she will keep doing it to him but she must of made a bunch of promises to him.. i know i should let go and i won't be contacting him... its just hard

    • I get that its hard but its not worth putting your life on hold for. He'll learn his own lessons from it and then he'll know what you were saying was only to help him. Good luck to you both but move on and find true love x

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  • You are his back pocket Back up here, dear, and every time something goes sour with the newbie He... Came back to me for a week.
    This is what I call a Full circle problem pattern and it is going to go on. You will continuous be 'Used and hurt by him' because even if it isn't with her and her sick situation, you will always be the monkey in the middle, because it will be some other Girl and her saga he will be wound up with and you will always be... Second best from the rest.
    Tell him to talk to the hand... Tell him you are Not interested in any more relationship redrick and you can't trust him.
    As much as you don't what to 'Let go' you need to or Continue with the madness and the... Sadness.
    This bozo is just a joke with a barrel of bananas and hoops he always has you jumping through for him.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You've got to stand up for yourself!

    Tell him you don't want to be the escape route out of his bad relationships... that you want something serious and if he can't give it you don't want anything to do with him.

    Tell him that.

    • Thank you for your advice he would probably say okay.. until the next time she chucks him out... you never know they might have there happy ever after... I have a child with him so its not that easy to cut him off xxx

  • The best thing you can do is let it go, you dont play the backup QB role to anyone


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  • It definitely will NOT last.. but you do not want to be his fallback, wet nap.. So.. let it go.. Maybe years later he will be someone different.. but now.. he's a little boy and he doesn't deserve your love! Respect yourself and tell him to FLICK off!

    • i really hope it doesn't he doesn't deserve to be happy after the way he has treated me

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