My close "Friend" has told me I should move on even though she wanted me and would like to have a relasonship when she's ready Should I keep a friend?

First off me and my friend met 6 months ago and started to hang out as friends, She had a boyfriend and still does. she told me her realonship was going to be endeing soon and she didn't want to be with the guy anymore. But she never broke up with anyone before and they were together for the longest she has which is 3 years and 2 more as friends. from past experiance she told me she was really heart broken and misearable for a few months after a breakup after only going out with the guys for a few months. So after hearing this I decided it was ok to give her some time to break up with the guy. Before she could end things with him her life got real complicated, She got a new job that was 1 hour away, over night 12 hour shifts. So she stays with her grandma up north most of the time instead of coming back down. Also due to the change in job time she is now sleep deprived, gets no sleep and is constantly depressed becuase of her boyfriend issue, job killing her, and now has a dear friend of her has cancer that is most likely going to kill him. All of this while she is trying to get into nurseing school. We talked a week or so back about everything that was going on. Dispite our attraction for her and how much we both wanted something to happen. she knows her life is in the crap right now and doesn't think it is right to string me along untill she feels more stable and can start a relationship. we talked about staying friends and talking, seeing eachother when she can. This I agreed with She was never a big texter before,1 a day, the last 2 months was being distant with text (3-7 days). but after our talk I asked her to text me shortly after I sent one just whats going on and are still ok. its been over a week and ahalf and heavent heared a single thing from her, i have text.
Im I puting false hope in a future girlfriend and she doesn't want anything to do with me, or could she still want something just not know how to handle t


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  • Hmmm guess she 's not gonna break -up wid her boyfriend soon... so that's y she told u 2 move on maybe?


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