What if I am not convinced of a breakup?

I've been seeing my boyfriend for 4.5 years. we still love each other both of us.
We are both 26 now but we do not live together- we live with our parent.( cultural thing)
We were very happy for 4 long years.

But recently my boyfriend started getting more and more distant, from everything. he is going through a phase where he is not happy with where he is in life. nothing around him seems to make him happy ( family friends- wants to move out of the country...) the only thing working for him is work.

At first i thought it was me.. then his friends started to contact to ask me what is wrong with him. he tries everything to stay away from home... he became an angry - impatient person

Last week he came to and tell me he wants to break up since he feels the need to be alone and that he is hurting me by being distant, and that if we continue like that we night end up hating each other.
He said that after a fight that day after realising that it was his fault and not mine.

I dont want to lose him cause despite all i still love him. this is phase has been going on for 4 months. I meeting him Sunday and im gonna suggest to take a break instead of a final breakup. maybe this small break from everything can refresh everything for him and make him think clearer. I need some help. Is this the right thing to do?


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  • I don't think it is just a phase after 4 months... Usually people pull back before they break up because they know they are not happy/ want to move on, but can't admit it tot themselves for a while


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  • Yes, give him some time, some space. He is this Honest John in telling you no lies that there is something in life that he is going through right now, and with a long term relationship... He cannot focus on him until he gets things right with himself. He is in a rut right now and is restless, confused, feeling trapped in his life.
    Absence many times makes the heart grow fonder. With time apart and not having you around, you may find with no hindrance on your end, he will be Missing the Kissing and be back in no time.
    You both have History together so this is a huge feather in your thinking cap as well. I am betting my bottom buck he will be a calling in no time, but First... Let him find out for himself and at the same time, let him get his own head together and spread his wings a bit.
    Good luck. xx


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