I miss my ex but I hate him too?

He took me through a lot and the fact that he doesn't care despite his fake apologies for abuse and cheating doesn't make it better. How is it that we break up and the same month of our anniversary he's in a relationship with someone else? He never loved me and that hurts. I've thought about getting pregnant by someone else because I know that would piss him off but I wouldn't do something that extreme.


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  • Forget this loser here, dear. You know what he is all about, you know that he will never change, and the thing is Now, you should be smiling to yourself that someone else has your yesterday's trash.
    It's quite Normal to 'Miss my ex but hate him too.' You are Not alone, believe me. But you need to lick your war wounds and remember the hell this bozo put you through and that some other girl has to be the one now to jump through the hell or high water hoops for him.
    No, don't do anything as 'Extreme' as That. You would only be putting yourself through more mayhem and you know what That is like.
    However, it doesn't hurt to find someone to go out with, when you are ready and ready to love again, and show him to the world and especially where this clown may be one day and... show him as well You are happy now and on your way.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me a chance to lend a helping hand with the man.:)) xxoo

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  • It's normal to feel this way after a break up, but you are definitely better off without him and you just gotta find a guy that you deserve; a guy who appreciates you, respects you, trust you and loves you for who you are. Hope you feel better soon


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  • It's normal, especially after the end of an abusive relationship, to miss someone but also hate them. You miss the familiarity and the "security" of being with that person because you always knew what to expect. The reasons why you hate him should be obvious.


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