When do you just man the fck up after a breakup?

Said fck I don't care about feelings and opening up to a chick anymore.. use them and abuse them because most of them are the same.. if you do in fact meet a girl that's worth your time otherwise stfu and let them be the. emptional ones. You get in get out. Pretty much my mindset and I don't think it's that flawed although I'm sure a bunch of feminist would beg to differ. Who cares I'd play the game on them too and I'm sure it would work. How long did it take you guys to get to this point?


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  • Someone must've really fxcked you over to get you to this point, and in a way I can relate bc I've been in a similar position, but dude, don't be so miserable. Yeah some girls can be grimey, but 9/10 there's a guy that made them that way. But it doesn't mean every single girl is deserving of this bs mentality you've created. Be good to people.

    • You can't deny that today's generation is a hook up culture and most girls late teens early 20s have no idea what they want. I said if you meet a girl that just blows your mind has good morale and was raised correctly don't lose her.. but most women my age are not like that. So why not be the one who finishes it and doesn't get hurt with all these emotions you don't have to go through. I'm not miserable this is the first time in months I've been happy because I know myself at this point. People are synical and will fuck you over.. you're either the little swimming bait or your the shark.. I rather not betray my testicles..

    • Don't think that this mIndset is jaded in the least. It's just not being naive.

    • Maybe it's the way you worded that part about finding a good one, bc I saw it as letting them be the emotional ones since they're good rather than the roles switched.
      I agree, people seem to hold relationships and loyalty in a different standpoint these days, and I understand how detestable that can be. However, I don't know how much I agree with treating them negativity for revenge or bc you went through it. You're contributing to a vicious cycle. Think about it, it's men that do what you do, that make women react the way they do when is negative.

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  • That happened instantly after my last breakup, I played chicks so fast and it was cruel since I loved toying with their emotions, but then I met my current girlfriend and everything changed for me and I stopped all that

    • Your 15 she's going to break your heart.. don't settle for a relationship till your at least 20+ bro. Take my advice and use her for sex. Sloots are going to sloot.

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    • It sounds really good on paper but sooner or later your going to realize that most women are just based off emotion and are synical. I'm not saying to be a player or immoral butthole just keep your eyes peeled and don't be naive.

    • Once again your sexism is irritating, I find most girls are in fact nice and even though there are a few jaded ones but those are the minority.

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  • True, you can be the predator and not the bait..
    If I like someone too much I always disappear and protect myself first..
    The good ones are few and far between,
    Fuck no one even blinks at a girl who has been with a few guys at once anymore


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