Is this messed up?

I met Fiona a couple years ago through a mutual friend. We hit it off right away. I was attracted to her from the moment I met her, but I was in a committed relationship. That relationship didn't last and I pursed Fiona in a more intimate way. She led me on and would pull back. Not cool. This p*ssed me off and there were times I just would not talk to her for months at a time.

After this past summer everything blew over and we became pretty tight again. We would hang out and hook up on the reg and I thought I was falling in love with her. We went out for 4 days and she told me she cheated on me and we had to break it off.

Since then we've hooked up, fought the rest of the time, and our friendship pretty much disintegrated. Most of this is her fault. She cheated and lost my trust, Its cool that she told me, but my feelings for her completely disappeared. I felt a lot of resentment afterward, but I have a clear head now and am on the up and up.

If I acted like the man, didn't ask her out or think about feelings / love wed still have a workable relationship (hook up buddies). But whatever, she f***ed up and now whenever she tries to talk to me I barely respond.

Anyways. I'm over her. She, however, isn't as she feels the need to wish me happy thanksgiving, and randomly text me here and there. I let her go. I don't care two sh*ts about her anymore, but I don't want to let her go just yet. I know now I can lead HER on and get in to head.

Why do I want to do this? Because it will teach her a lesson and make me feel good about myself. Is that messed up?


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  • It sure doesn't sound like your over her and what she did to you. If anything she's in your head and leading you. she broke your heart,has you p*ssed and possibly seeking revenge in an order to validate your hurt feelings and get the last shot. Let it go, you lost. Seeking some final heartbreak or retribution is a bitch move and not worth the time. Its normal for a lot of people to think that way and want to act out but your not gonna get anything out of it. Its an ego game. Your not really gonna feel any better,shes not gonna sit around going oh I wish I treated him better and Id do anything to get him back.

  • My best advice is let this blow over. Given time you will get over this and not care one bit. You will find someone you love and move on with your life. At a certain point you won't even remember this anymore.

    Yeah you can hurt her and probably end up making her cry. Will she "learn a lesson"? Maybe, maybe not. Will you feel good about yourself? Yeah, for a while. But if you have empathy you will start to feel bad about what you did and regret your decision. Maybe not right away, but certainly as you get older.

    Learn from your experience and move on. Life's too short for this.


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