Girls, how many of you had an ex want you back years later?

How many of you had an ex want you back years later? And you're like wtf... seriously?


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  • yes he did after 2 years, was the worst decision of my life to meet him again , he didn't changer , and broke my heart all over again , this time even more strong than the previous. IFyou have trust issues from the previous time , just dont meet him or see him, u will have feelings back , feelings + distrust + someone who hasn't changed + another break of the heart

    • Oh man! That sucks :( yeah I've forgiven my ex 100%. He did what he did out of immaturity. I'm willing to trust him again if he's willing to prove himself.

    • yes, i wanted to the same as you , to forgive him 100 % because he also left me out of immaturity , at first i said i am scared and that my feelings have changed , but the next day i told him i agree and that i love him and i want us to take things slowly. only to find out he went out with his ex and ignored me :S, his justification was that he thought i won't get back with him, althought i only hesitated for one day :S it broke my heart once again

    • My ex doesn't have an ex. He didn't ever date until he met me. It sounds like your ex only came back for an ego boost :(

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  • Yup me Lol ! Things weren't serious between us , we talked a lot and we knew that we liked each other so days passed and he started ignoring my texts so I could feel he was getting bored.. I liked him for 5 years... when I started feeling the he's getting bored I got sad but I decided to move on, And Thats what I did... After nearly 2 years ( Now ) He starts talking and making up conversations... before 2 years I told him that I would like to tell him something, And recently he SUDDENLY asked me " U wanted to tell me something before nearly 2 years , What was it? " !!! I told that I dont remember ( I really dont remember coz now I totally moved on and I have an amazing boyfriend <3 ) anyway, He answered " oh, ok... " !! He asked me for My Skype and I told him I forgot the password ( which really happened ) and he sent " :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( " !! He is now getting interested? WTF?
    Well, He can forget about me coz no way things r gonna get serious between us !!! Like HELL NO !

    • But we r friends though! ( JUST FRIENDS haha )

    • When I think about this situation I just start singing Taylor Swift's song " We Are Never Getting Back Together " lol :D

  • It happens to everyone at least I think.. LOL!! 😄😄😄😄😄
    Well after I got married I never went back to any of my ex boyfriends thank God

  • This happened to me!

    • What's the story, girlie :)

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